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Born in North Carolina, raised in California and bred in New Orleans.
I like my dog, mountain biking, skiing, video games, teaching myself to code, and all things at the intersection of technology and policy.
Tulane AB Freeman School of Business '09
Campbell Law School '12

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A good read! I liked your final point in particular on the legal empowerment of the users.

Example: https://github.com/kanthvallampati/IVORY/issues/1

I wonder if there is any data or research into willingness to contribute dependent on whether there is a license listed, a license file, and the license type.

Perhaps if a license.txt isn't detected, a dialogue should trigger letting the contributor know, and suggesting they post it as an issue for resolution (or non-resolution).

Either way I think it's a great opportunity for contributors and developers to engage with the project, steer the project if they care enough to, and help educate others about licenses and licensing.