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Couple of years ago, my company forced me to refresh my laptop, which was an upgrade :( to a USB-C only MacBook Pro. No magnetic power plug, no USB-2, no HDMI, no SD Card reader ...

My phrase is always: Do you really believe that Samsung and LG will stop with HDMI in the next ten years? And do you think Nikon, Canon and Sony will get rid of SD cards in their camera's? 'Nough said ...

I got so frustrated by all the dongles, that I quickly forked out some of my own dough to get me my own MacPro-2013 (by then 2nd hand) that still has all those features.

Apple doesn't want to standardize, they love to sell dongles. It's simply corporate greed !!

Maybe it wasn't a requirement or maybe it all worked out-of-the-box, but what were your experiences with getting the video camera to work. Pretty essential for Zoom.

I think it would be very useful for open source.com readers if you update your article with your experiences. Even if the camera was a no-brainer or if there just is no camera in play.