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Thx for this clarification.

Unfortunately, lot's of people who have their own definition of DevOps don't know anything about Patrick Debois and the creation of DevOpsDays.

They don't rely DevOps to Agile, and the only thing that DevOps is for them is to breaking down silos between developers and operationals people (that's Patrick called DevOps Lite) to bring automation.

DevOps is Developement (of a complexe product, as it's been described in the Scrum Guide) and Operations (Delivery + Support). It's covering all the lifecycle of a product (or a service) with Agile (in the real way of Agile).
When people ask me for DevOps tool, I love telling them that I have more than a tool, but an entire framework to put DevOps in place. So they are waiting for a tech one... And I give them Scrum :) "DevOps is not about roles in team, but skills. Roles are silos. A Scrum team must have all the necessary skills no matter who have them. And Scrum cover the entire lifecycle of your product from Developement to Operations. So put in place Real Scrum, let's your team being fluent with Agile and go beyond Scrum and you'll see you'll have DevOps. The mindset before technology", I told them.
Unfortunately, now in the "DevOps" ecosystems, it's difficult to be heared that way, since fake DevOps is so noisy. So now, I talk about DevOps to Agile people, hoping their listen to me, because Agile ecosystems seems to be interested by DevOps... With 10 years late :(
So thx again for your article I'm totally sharing your thoughts