A software engineer with considerable experience in mobile development, native Android, and IOS development(Xcode), flutter development, Jetpack Compose, Ktor, Building a static site using Eleventy, MKDocs, and Docsify, Technical writing, Documentation Engineer, Community building/management, Firebase, Mongo Realm DB.
• Developed apps from the ground up and published them successfully on Google Play
• Built open-source library and an open-source contributor/ maintainer at Gnome, Firebase, Kotlin
• Experience modern architecture, and development practices
• Write clean and maintainable codes
• Share knowledge by writing technical blogs.
• a technical writer(GSOD 2020 participant).
• I have a desire to help others in solving their problems.
•Team Player, with the ability to get along extremely well with others.
Contribute my time for technology generally, and software specifically.

Authored Content

Digital images of a computer desktop

Eleventy is a JavaScript-based alternative to Jekyll and Hugo for building static websites.