William Stein

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William Stein is Professor of Mathematics at the University of Washington, CEO of SageMath, Inc. and has published 3 books on number theory. He is also the founder of the SageMath software project.

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(1) SageMathCloud also includes Octave, along with a pre-configured Jupyter kernel, and support for using Octave from Sage worksheets. So SageMathCloud directly and strongly supports octave itself, and Sage has an Octave interface. (2) The numerical Python ecosystem (numpy, scipy, etc.) provides a completely different approach to numerical computing than Octave; instead of trying to be a drop in replacement for Matlab (and hence inheriting all the warts of Matlab), the scientific python ecosystem (which Sage packages), provides what many consider to be a far better approach. Instead of a cripled math-only language, one gets a very widely used general purpose programming language (Python), with extensive support for compiled code (Cython), JIT (numba), and a repository of over 75K packages (https://pypi.python.org/pypi).