Wouter Tebbens

Authored Comments

In 2008 we started an online study programme about Free Software at master level, the Free Technology Academy. http://ftacademy.org/

The interesting thing is that it is recognised by partner universities, all books are published openly and under free licenses, and people are taking courses guided by university teachers in the virtual campus. Apart from that, people and organisations willing to contribute are very welcome (and we did extend this invitation to Lloyd Hardy as well, hopefully he's going to use it in the FSU). http://ftacademy.org/materials

Note as well our plans to extend the FTA programme in a full master programme. The idea we have developed with 10+ universities is to define a common framework that universities can use to set up their own master programme on Free Technology.

In short, we propose to do this together. Interested? Feel welcome to join. You might as well check out the regular announcements (subscribe: http://ftacademy.org/newsletter) and the fta group at identi.ca: http://identi.ca/group/fta.