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near Leiden, between The Hague and Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Hi! I'm Maxim, a solution architect and evangelist in Red Hat's Benelux team.

Red Hat radiates open source in every possible way, which makes it the perfect company to work for, for an open source enthusiast like me.

As part of my job, I spend a lot of time talking to customers and presenting at conferences about Red Hat's portfolio. Key element is how our solutions can help organizations solve actual business problems.

I also maintain a blog and YouTube channel about the systems and cloud management products in our portfolio. It's fairly technical, but please take a look at the videos by clicking the YouTube icon below, and check out my blog at

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Thanks for the comment, Michael!

Yeah, FZF's Ag functionality is something I need to look into. I actually started using the Ack plugin before I installed FZF, I think, so I added FZF functionality instead of replacing Ack. A nice topic for a potential part 2 :)

You are right, of course.

I have not been writing a lot of Python recently, and I overlooked this - quite obvious - mistake on my part.

Thanks for this comment!