Do you code with Python?

Are you a Python coder?

Python is one of the most popular programming languages for beginners and professionals alike. Are you using it?

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Do you code with Python?

It seems like every day I'm coming across a new project written in Python.

And really, this should be no surprise. Python is a general-purpose language which works great in a variety of environments; it abstracts away a lot of the complexities of underlying systems, which giving you access to them whenever you need them. While both the language itself and toolchain around it help make it a great language for beginners, it is powerful enough to run some of the world' most complex websites and applications, including entire data centers with the OpenStack project.

A lot of this power comes about because of the open source nature of Python. There is a giant ecosystem of packages and tools for the Python programming language made available under open source licenses, meaning that no matter what you're doing, chances are that there's a library out there to help you do it.

So we're asking you: are you a Python programmer? Even if it's not your day job, have you played around with it, perhaps asking your Raspberry Pi to talk to a LED with its Python interface, or doing your math homework inside of a Jupyter Notebook? If not, maybe today is a good day to start. Check out our collection of Python articles to learn how you can jump in.

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