Open source news roundup for August 20-September 2, 2017

Oracle could leave Java EE to an open source foundation and more news

Plus: A European airport turns to open source, Colorado looks into open source textbooks, and more.

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In this edition of our open source news roundup, we take a look at Oracle wanting to pass Java EE to an open source foundation, Schiphol airport turns to open source, Colorado investigating open source textbooks, and more.

Open source news roundup for August 20-September 2, 2017

Oracle wants to pass Java EE to an open source foundation

Database giant Oracle wants to hand Java EE over to an open source foundation. With this move, Oracle hopes a foundation will be able to "adopt more agile processes, implement more flexible licensing and change the governance process." Possible candidates are the Apache Software Foundation and the Eclipse Foundation, to which Oracle has passed software in the past. Oracle got Java EE as part of its acquisition of Sun Microsystems back in 2010.

Schiphol airport adopts open source software

As Europe's third busiest airport, Amsterdam's Schiphol is turning to open source software to become more efficient and offer better service. It's doing that by introducing an open API for flight information and adopting systems to "improve the traveller's journey in the widest sense possible, ranging from deciding on a specific flight to driving a car to the airport and enjoying smart parking." To make all that possible, Schiphol is adopting multiple open source cloud computing systems from vendors like Red Hat, Amazon, and Microsoft to "avoid the risk of cloud lock-in."

Colorado to look at adopting open source textbooks

Colorado is the latest American state to seriously investigate the "use of open educational resource materials in colleges to address the high cost of textbooks." The state recently formed the Open Educational Resources Council, which will investigate creating "a digital repository of open educational resources for colleges" and "determine how those resources are used in college classrooms across the state."

Italian military barracks to become open source architecture lab

Open source can take many forms, and some of those live outside the world of technology. One of those forms is springing into reality from the vision of Italian architect Carlo Ratti. Ratti plans to convert a 19th century military barracks in Turin into "into a campus where students, workers and makers can set up their own labs and studios." The idea, Ratti says, is to make the complex "a testing ground for an open-source approach to architecture." The space will also collaboration and the exchange of ideas via "co-living, co-making and co-working."

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