What is BigchainDB?

What is BigchainDB?

This Lightning Talk from All Things Open 2018 covers a blockchain database for a cybersecurity learning environment.

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Sophia Armstrong, a computer science major at East Carolina University, provided an overview of BigchainDB in her Lightning Talk, "Blockchain database for a cybersecurity learning environment," at All Things Open 2018, October 23 in Raleigh, NC.

Sophia's project, which is funded by a National Science Foundation grant, gives students a hands-on, game-based experience to learn about cybersecurity. Her team uses BigchainDB, an open source blockchain database, behind the firewall to securely store the data they collect.

Watch Sophia's talk to learn about BigchainDB and why it came out on top when her team went in search of the "best and most secure technology" for their project.

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Sophia Armstrong - I am a senior studying computer science at East Carolina University and I am super excited to be graduating in May 2019. I am currently a part of two research projects where I am researching strategies to improve the current computer science pedagogy, as well as developing a web-based user interface for a game-based cyber security learning system.