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Learn how open source database software is managing much of the world's data and information today.

This Lightning Talk from All Things Open 2018 covers a blockchain database for a cybersecurity learning environment.

PySpark allows Python programmers to interface with the Spark framework to manipulate data at scale and work with objects over a distributed filesystem.

Gitbase is a Go-powered open source project that allows SQL queries to be run on Git repositories.

Monitoring your database can be overwhelming or seem not important. Here's how to do it right.
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Turn your Raspberry Pi into a safe haven for your data.

Today's database administrators are more than the people who keep the lights on—now they are expected to play a strategic role in achieving the business' goals.
Building a data processing pipeline using the ELK stack and Ruby

How can we extract valuable data from application logs in a timely and cost-effective way?
human head, brain outlined with computer hardware background

Building a relational database using SQL is easier than you think.