Top 10 Raspberry Pi blogs to follow

If you're planning your next Pi project, these blogs might help.
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There are plenty of great Raspberry Pi fan sites, tutorials, repositories, YouTube channels, and other resources on the web. Here are my top 10 favorite Raspberry Pi blogs, in no particular order.

1. Raspberry Pi Spy

Raspberry Pi fan Matt Hawkins has been writing a broad range of comprehensive and informative tutorials on his site, Raspberry Pi Spy, since the early days. I have learned a lot directly from this site, and Matt always seems to be the first to cover many topics. I have reached out for help many times in my first three years in the world of hacking and making with Raspberry Pi.

Fortunately for everyone, this early adopter site is still going strong. I hope to see it live on, giving new community members a helping hand when they need it.

2. Adafruit

Adafruit is one of the biggest names in hardware hacking. The company makes and sells beautiful hardware and provides excellent tutorials written by staff, community members, and even the wonderful Lady Ada herself.

As well as being a webshop, Adafruit also run a blog, which is full to the brim of great content from around the world. Check out the Raspberry Pi category, especially at the end of the work week, as Friday is Pi Day at Adafruit Towers.

3. Recantha's Raspberry Pi Pod

Mike Horne (Recantha) is a key Pi community member in the UK who runs the CamJam and Potton Pi & Pint (two Raspberry Jams in Cambridge) and Pi Wars (an annual Pi robotics competition). He gives advice to others setting up Jams and always has time to help beginners. With his co-organizer Tim Richardson, Horne developed the CamJam Edu Kit (a series of small and affordable kits for beginners to learn physical computing with Python).

On top of all this, he runs the Pi Pod, a blog full of anything and everything Pi-related from around the world. It's probably the most regularly updated Pi blog on this list, so it's a great way to keep your finger on the pulse of the Pi community.

4. Raspberry Pi blog

Not forgetting the official Raspberry Pi Foundation, this blog covers a range of content from the Foundation's world of hardware, software, education, community, and charity and youth coding clubs. Big themes on the blog are digital making at home, empowerment through education, as well as official news on hardware releases and software updates.

The blog has been running since 2011 and provides an archive of all 1800+ posts since that time. You can also follow @raspberrypi_otd on Twitter, which is a bot I created in Python (for an tutorial, of course). The bot tweets links to blog posts from the current day in previous years from the Raspberry Pi blog archive.


Another seminal Raspberry Pi community member is Alex Eames, who got on board early on with his blog and YouTube channel, The site is packed with high-quality, well-produced video tutorials and written guides covering maker projects for all.

Alex makes a series of add-on boards and accessories for the Pi as RasP.iO, including a handy GPIO port label, reference rulers, and more. His blog branches out into Arduino, WEMO, and other small boards too.

6. pyimagesearch

Though not strictly a Raspberry Pi blog (the "py" in the name is for "Python," not "Raspberry Pi"), this site features an extensive Raspberry Pi category. Adrian Rosebrock earned a PhD studying the fields of computer vision and machine learning. His blog aims to share the machine learning tricks he's picked up while studying and making his own computer vision projects.

If you want to learn about facial or object recognition using the Pi camera module, this is the place to be. Adrian's knowledge and practical application of deep learning and AI for image recognition is second to none—and he writes up his projects so that anyone can try.

7. Raspberry Pi Roundup

One of the UK's official Raspberry Pi resellers, The Pi Hut, maintains a blog curating the finds of the week. It's another great resource to keep up with what's on in the Pi world, and worth looking back through past issues.

8. Dave Akerman

A leading expert in high-altitude ballooning, Dave Akerman shares his knowledge and experience with balloon launches at minimal cost using Raspberry Pi. He publishes writeups of his launches with photos from the stratosphere and offers tips on how to launch a Pi balloon yourself.

Check out Dave's blogfor amazing photography from near space.

9. Pimoroni

A world-renowned Raspberry Pi reseller based in Sheffield in the UK, Pimoroni made the famous Pibow Rainbow case and followed it up with a host of incredible custom add-on boards and accessories.

Pimoroni's blog is laid out as beautifully as its hardware design and branding, and it provides great content for makers and hobbyists at home. The blog accompanies their entertaining YouTube channel Bilge Tank.

10. Stuff About Code

Martin O'Hanlon is a Pi community member-turned-Foundation employee who started out hacking Minecraft on the Pi for fun and recently joined the Foundation as a content writer. Luckily, Martin's new job hasn't stopped him from updating his blog and sharing useful tidbits with the world. As well as lots on Minecraft, you'll find stuff on the Python libraries, Blue Dot, and guizero, along with general Raspberry Pi tips.

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