Ben is a software engineer for BBC News Labs, and formerly Raspberry Pi's Community Manager. He's into Linux, Python and all things open source! Follow Ben on Twitter @ben_nuttall.

Authored Content

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This Python module can collect website usage logs in multiple formats and output well structured data for analysis.
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Use pastebinit to share snippets of code, data, or text right from the command line.
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Meld is a visual diff tool that makes it easier to compare and merge changes in files, directories, Git repos, and more.
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Browse and preview files from the terminal with Ranger.
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A quick primer on the handy log library that can help you master this important programming concept.

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Top authors on have new levels of access, support, and exclusive opportunities.
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Don't miss these rapid-fire talks about containers, AI, Istio, Blockchain, Raspberry Pi, and more.
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Learn more about the educational charity behind the popular Raspberry Pi mini computer.