Python 3.7 beginner's cheat sheet

Get acquainted with Python's built-in pieces.
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The Python programming language is known for its large community and diverse extension menu, but much is packed into the language itself. This cheat sheet rounds up a few built-in pieces to get new Python programmers started.

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My name is Nicholas Hunt-Walker and I’m currently a software developer working at Starbucks' department of Emerging Technology. My specialty is in using Python for development, but I dabble heavily in JavaScript as well. I wasn't always this way. For 5.5 years I was a graduate student at the University of Washington pursuing a Ph.D. in astronomy.


Although it's great to see cheat sheets being posted here, yet, it's misleading to indicate that this is specific to 3.7, where as [almost] everything in it is applicable to any python version.

Fair, but in this case where's the harm in noting that it's specifically for Python 3.7? If someone's starting Python today, they'll be starting with 3.7. I wrote the code in 3.7. It's applicable to 3.7. What's the difference?

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