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My name is Nicholas Hunt-Walker and I’m currently a software developer working at Starbucks' department of Emerging Technology. My specialty is in using Python for development, but I dabble heavily in JavaScript as well. I wasn't always this way. For 5.5 years I was a graduate student at the University of Washington pursuing a Ph.D. in astronomy. My goal was to study the structure of our galaxy by looking at the positions and properties of evolved stars. I also used the skills I built up as a scientist to dip into data science, building those skills out doing small projects that helped refine my abilities.

Regardless of these very different paths, the common thread is that I'm driven by curiosity and the possibility of building something cool and interesting. I love web/software development because it gives me a blank canvas upon which to paint my curiosity. I love data analysis because it gives me the opportunity to be curious in a structured and systematic way, while also expanding my curiosity by learning something new. No matter what I do to move forward, my curiosity will always lead the way.

If you want to contact me, email me at I'd love to hear from you!

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Oh snap, you're completely right! It was supposed to be just plain `Response`. I think I had originally written the codeblock in this article using the `JsonResponse` from Django and forgot to update it when I switched it out for the `Response` from rest_framework.response. Thanks for that!

Fair, but in this case where's the harm in noting that it's specifically for Python 3.7? If someone's starting Python today, they'll be starting with 3.7. I wrote the code in 3.7. It's applicable to 3.7. What's the difference?