How to contribute to the Raspberry Pi community

How to contribute to the Raspberry Pi community

Find ways to get involved in the Raspberry Pi community in the 13th article in our getting-started series.

Welcome to the Raspberry Pi community, 5 people under a banner
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Raspberry Pi Foundation, CC BY-SA

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Things are starting to wind down in this series, and as much fun as I've had writing it, mostly I hope it has helped someone out there use start using a Raspberry Pi for education or entertainment. Maybe the articles convinced you to buy your first Raspberry Pi or perhaps helped you rediscover the device that was collecting dust in a drawer. If any of that is true, I'll consider the series a success.

If you now want to pay it forward and help spread the word on how versatile this little green digital board is, here are a few ways you can get connected to the Raspberry Pi community:

These are just a few of the ways you can contribute to the Raspberry Pi community. Last but not least, you can join me and contribute articles to your favorite open source website, :-)


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