How to use your Raspberry Pi for entertainment

How to use your Raspberry Pi for entertainment

Learn how to watch Netflix and listen to music on your Raspberry Pi, in the eighth article in our guide to getting started with Raspberry Pi.

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So far, this series has focused on more serious topics—how to choose, buy, set up, and update your Raspberry Pi, and different things kids and adults can learn with it (including Linux). But now it's time to change up the subject and have some fun! Today we'll look at ways to use your Raspberry Pi for entertainment, and tomorrow we'll continue the fun with gaming.

Watch TV and movies

You can use your Raspberry Pi and the Open Source Media Center (OSMC) to watch Netflix! The OSMC is a system based on the Kodi project that allows you to play back media from your local network, attached storage, and the internet. It's also known for having the best feature set and community among media center applications.

NOOBS (which we talked about in the third article in this series) allows you to install OSMC on your Raspberry Pi as easily as possible. NOOBS also offers another media center system based on Kodi called LibreELEC.

Listen to music

You can also stream music on your network via attached storage or services like Spotify on your Raspberry Pi with the Pi Music Box project. I wrote about it a while ago, but you can find newer instructions, including how to's and DIY projects, on the Pi Music Box website.


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