Is the cloud right for you?

Host of the Screaming in the Cloud podcast Corey Quinn gives a lighting talk at SCaLE 17x.
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Robbie T. Modified by CC BY-SA 4.0

Corey Quinn opened his lightning talk at the 17th annual Southern California Linux Expo (SCaLE 17x) with an apology. Corey is a cloud economist at The Duckbill Group, writes Last Week in AWS, and hosts the Screaming in the Cloud podcast. He's also a funny and engaging speaker. Enjoy this video "The cloud is a scam," to learn why he wants to apologize and how to find out if the cloud is right for you.

During the UpSCALE Lightning Talks hosted by at the 17th annual Southern California Linux Expo (SCaLE 17x) in March 2019, five presenters shared quick takes on interesting open source topics, projects, and ideas. Watch all of the 2019 UpSCALE Lightning Talks on the YouTube channel.

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