GNU Health expands Raspberry Pi support, Megadeth's guitarist uses open source principles, and more open source news.

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In this week’s edition of our open source news roundup, GNU Health expands to Raspberry Pis, how Megadeth's guitarist uses open source principles, and more open source news.

GNU Health expands its support for Raspberry Pi

The GNU Health project, designed to help hospitals run on low-cost software and hardware, expanded its support for Rapsberry Pi models in its recent release according to CNX. The GNU Health Embedded version that runs on Raspberry Pis is "especially suited for remote areas without internet, academic institutions, domiciliary units, home nursing, and laboratory stations."

GNU Health is a free and open source health and hospital information system (HIS) to help healthcare systems manage finances, pharmacies, electronic medical records (EMRs), and more. The Raspberry Pi solution supports real-time monitoring of vital signs in hospitals, and retrieves information from labs. 

More details may be found on the official website.

Megadeth's guitarist brings OSS approaches to music

Heavy metal fans likely know Kiko Loureiro as Megadeth's guitarist. Loureiro is less known in the OSS world, but that might change soon: His new solo album is called Open Source.

"By definition, 'open source' is related to softwares [in] which the original source code is made freely available and may be redistributed and modified," Loureiro shared in a recent interview. "It brings us a higher sense of community, enhances our creativity and creates new possibilities." 

In true open source fashion, Loureiro is running an Indiegogo fundraiser to keep his album independent. His fundraiser emphasizes the "Open Source Mentality," which includes making his song's stems available for listeners to remix. 

The Linux Foundation partners with Harvard for a FOSS contributor security survey

The Linux Foundation's Core Infrastructure Initiative (CII) launched a survey for FOSS contributors addressing security concerns in open source. CII developed the survey in partnership with the Laboratory for Innovation Science at Harvard (LISH). FOSS contributors can take the survey through early August.

This new survey follows the Census II analysis and report, which assessed popular FOSS components for vulnerabilities. David A. Wheeler, The Linux Foundation's director of open source supply chain security, said the survey is essential since open source solutions are used so widely now.

Along with its reports and surveys, CII built a Best Practices badge program that encourages developers to audit their solutions for security threats. 

In other news

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