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Webcast: The Open Innovation Revolution with Stefan Lindegaard

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After the success of the Open Your World Forum we ran in May, we've decided to make webcasts a regular feature on opensource.com. On Wednesday, September 1, we'll host our first guest, Stefan Lindegaard.

Stefan is a thought leader and open innovation expert, is author of the recently published book The Open Innovation Revolution, and blogs regularly on 15inno.com and stefanlindegaard.com. We are big fans and feature Stefan's posts regularly in the "What we're reading" section of the business channel.

We also see a lot of commonalities between the open source way and the key concepts of open innovation, and we thought inviting Stefan to come share his knowledge about open innovation with the opensource.com audience might be a good way to spur dialog between people in open source and open innovation communities.

Sound interesting? Register or learn more about his Sept. 1 talk.


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