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A bunch of question marks

Agile and related methodologies have been praised for improving communication and increasing efficiency. But are they truly benefiting everyone on the team?
A network of people

Collaboration is one of the key principles of the open source way and a major topic here on...
open source button on keyboard

The principles of open source continue to have a huge influence on the science of management...
open source button on keyboard

2010 has been a fantastic year on the Business channel here at
A maze

Community, collaboration, and meritocracy are a few of the principles of the open source way...

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Summer reading list

13 books to inform and entertain you during the long, lazy days of summer.
Browser window with birthday hats and a cake

Our community dedicated to exploring open organizational culture and design turns four years old this week.
books in a library, stacks

These nine books represent the beginning of an important journey toward greater and better openness...