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Open*Business: 2011 in review

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The principles of open source continue to have a huge influence on the science of management. Collaboration, transparency, community, and rapid prototyping are used frequently to describe  management innovations that are taking place in companies around the world.

We published a great collection open source business stories during 2011--here are a few of my favorites:

Webcast: Drive and motivation with Daniel Pink

"I really think that open source offers a lot of clues for how to run non-open-source companies better," Pink said. "It points us to a future that's going to be more efficient and better in every respect."

Marten Mickos: How does open source affect company culture?

Within this balancing act of open and closed, we followed a principle of being open as much as we could. Although the principle of openness may have at times taken a toll on our productivity, it also helped foster employees who were brilliant spokespersons for the company and brilliant decision makers on their own, all the while being amazingly passionate about their jobs and the mission of MySQL.

Webcast recap: General Hugh Shelton

Shelton went on to talk about how new ideas are floated in "the Tank." When a combat commander has a plan he wants to carry out, he briefs the Joint Chiefs in the Tank. They're the chiefs of the services that will have to support that plan, and each has more than 30 years of experience. Tony Zinni, for example, would tell you it's not a very pleasant experience to have people tweaking your plan. But when you leave, you have a better plan, and you have support for it. Tommy Franks didn't like the idea of other four stars working on his plan. Rapid prototyping--also perhaps considered as constructive criticism--works better for some than others, but those who accept it are rewarded.

Now for some 2011 stats:

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Thank you to all of our authors, commenters, and readers--2011 was an exciting year in the business channel. Your participation has made the site a success and contributed to the ongoing conversation about the transformation of business.

Onward to 2012!

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