A business built on open source: an interview with OSSCube

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OSSCube has a strict open source software only policy for everything they do. CEO Lavanya Rastogi and VP of Enterprise Marketing John Bernard share with me how they use only open source software internally and externally to keep up with the pace of business while simultaneously maintaining a quality product for their clients. They say it's the only way to do business.

Read more in this interview.

Tell us what open source software you use.

Web development

Drupal (content management), SugarCRM (CRM), Zend Server (for applications monitoring and optimization), Magento (ecommerce), Talend (ETL), Automatr (marketing automation).

Cloud services

Mostly Amazon web services; we can deploy anything the customer requests.


We specialize in developing native Android or iOS applications, but are capable of using existing tools when necessary.

Tell us about your open source contributions.

It's vital to give back. Here are two of our favorites.

OSSCube’s Drupal7 Mobilizer

This is a GUI-based Drupal module that allows a Drupal7 site to become mobile in 30 minutes or less. We use a simple interface and customizable templates to make sure that every user has a quick, easy, and attractive mobile application.

Drupal/SugarCRM integration

Our GUI driven utility allows you to map Drupal website form inputs to target fields within SugarCRM, without writing any lines of code.

Full list of our open source contributions here.

Who is the open source guru at OSSCube?

Vineet Agrawal, our Director of Alliances and Relations. He has been an advocate and member of the open source community for more than 10 years, and he is constantly looking for ways to contribute to its growth and popularity. In helping to found the company, Vineet made sure to implement a strict policy of working only with products created on open source platforms. Many of us at OSSCube see him as an open source pioneer of sorts.

What's the biggest problem businesses are trying to solve today?

Keeping up with the pace of business and simultaneously maintaining quality is the most difficult part of doing business in 2013. OSSCube is the answer to keeping up with this new, quickened pace because lightweight development capabilities allow us to rapidly publish applications and solutions. Not only are these solutions published quickly, but they are executed with an excellence unique to our development team, that allows businesses to easily and successfully meet dynamic, critical business requirements.

How do you encourage talent at OSSCube?

We have a strong focus on teambuilding and a very intensive training program. We provide and pay for certifications to make sure nothing holds our team members back. As a fast-growing company, we are able to offer young employees the ability to be involved with hands on projects; really solving critical business challenges. This experience, coupled with our growth, provides rapid advancement opportunities for young professionals. 

What advice would you give a new college graduate or anyone looking for a career in open source?

Find a company that provides you with an opportunity to grow rapidly, learn a variety of different languages and applications, and allows you to be a part of projects that solve complex business problems. Look for an employer that allows you to grow and diversify yourself in many areas; don't go through the same routine every day. You want a company that is as concerned with your growth and skills as you are. Don’t settle for anything less.

Jen leads a team of community managers for the Digital Communities team at Red Hat. She lives in Raleigh with her husband and daughters, June and Jewel.

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Are there any challenges when using only open source software?

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