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Traditional and agile planning differ in significant ways. Before you make the leap to agile, make sure you understand how it's distinct from what you're used to.
Choosing project names: 4 key considerations

A well-chosen name can greatly influence the success of your software product. Here's how to pick the perfect one.
Top 7 open source project management tools for agile teams

In this roundup of open source project management tools, we look at software that helps support Scrum, Kanban, and other agile methods.
Getting started with OpenProject

In four easy steps, your team can be up and running with this powerful open source project management tool.
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Requests for comments are a great way to get input from the community when you're making changes to your software.
5 open source alternatives to Trello

Track your tasks and projects with these open source organization tools.
Does your software development team use scrum?

Is scrum a part of your team's project management workflow?
How the open source model will soar above the rest

Learn how to balance scope, schedule, and resources.