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JQooBe is a platform that allows users to create simple blogs, websites, and advanced applications within a community. It is developed in PHP, Ajax, and MySQL.

I talked with Federico Pilia, one of the founders of JQooBe, about why this platform is different from other content management systems.

He thinks JQooBe will be widely used because it has been designed so that users create professional applications with minimal effort. A special feature that differentiates it from other content management systems is that the control panel allows the user to import various applications for management, including business to business, consumer to business, and more.

Q: What are the biggest features of the JQooBe platform?

A: JQooBe is moderated by pre-installed managers that allow administrators to oversee the environment in a detailed way.

There is the ability to create pages by dragging and dropping elements with different page template options, like headers and footers for each page. And, the pages from JQooBe have a validation W3C XHTML Strict! 1.0.

This platform is ideal for the management of users and user groups with different levels of interaction on the basis of group membership. Different managers set up permissions to manage all the news, downloads, a forum, and security. The MySQL DB can be managed directly from the administration panel, and all steps of the data are directly managed by Ajax with a security key that is verified at each step.

Q: Tell us more about the manager feature.

A: Managers are stand-alone applications that run on the platform. There are various types, like online retail management, physical retail management, hotel/restaurant management, and medical offices management.

The manager is a compressed package that is installed inside the platform and can be used exclusively (as if it were a stand-alone application).

Q: I've downloaded the platform, what's next?

A: Once the platform is downloaded by someone, the official portal is a dedicated area for employee community management.

Anyone can make a contribution to improve the platform. The only constraint is that JQooBe can be distributed only through the official website; anyone can improve the code to add functionality, but then everything has to be redistributed through the official portal at JQooBe.net.

Contributors will be recognized as having supported improvements to the platform. This is to avoid modified versions that aren't complying with the guidelines of the authors. What often happens is that users are convinced to download a forked version which might have problems. That is why we decided to give everyone the opportunity to contribute to the improvement of the code but not to be able to redistribute, since we want the distribution to be done only through the official website of the project.

All changes and improvements to the version will be listed from time to time, and again, everyone will be recognized for their contribution.

Q: What's your #1 priority right now?

A: JQooBe is looking for translators.

We began development in November 2008, and have had positive reception and reactions from many users, and in late July of this year (2013) the first version of JQooBe will be available!

Alanna is a senior at NC State and passionate about ways to make technology user friendly. She enjoys traveling and working through her long list of "To Read" books. Follow her on Twitter at @alanna_howard.

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