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The success of an open source project is strongly tied to the community that supports and contributes to it. Our community management articles explore common problems, solutions, and tactics to create vital, productive open source communities.

Teamwork starts with communication across silos

Developers alone don't create open source projects that meet a variety of needs for a long shelf life; it's time to welcome more roles and talent.
Two people chatting via a video conference app

Open source is great because people from anywhere can get involved, but it can be lonely. Take advantage of the proliferation of video conferencing tools available to make connections with your fellow developers.
Two people chatting via a video conference app

Reach new developers and engage with your existing community through virtual hackathons.
Chat bubbles

Join thousands who have contributed code, translations, documentation, and more to Mattermost, an open source messaging platform.
Blue skies over the city of Paris France

Since 1998, has brought information about open source and free software to a French-speaking audience, says Benoît Sibaud.
Collaboration starts with communication amongst teams and across silos

Clearly defining roles and responsibilities is essential to effective open source community management. Here are some ways to help you organize.

This open source software helps you build a healthy team of co-maintainers so that no project gets left behind.
Teammates shaking hands and smiling in an office

Knowing what motivates people to contribute will help you foster an engaged community.