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The success of an open source project is strongly tied to the community that supports and contributes to it. Our community management articles explore common problems, solutions, and tactics to create vital, productive open source communities.

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If leaderboards are done right, they can increase participation, motivate contributors with gamification, and enhance the community.
Working on a team, busy worklife

The open source community manager wears many hats.
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An academic OSPO is working with CHAOSS software to build a community health analytics platform.
Working from home at a laptop

As a member of an open source project, there's a lot you can do to help beginners find a way to contribute. 
Practicing empathy

The continued maturation of open source has regularly placed new burdens on maintainers.
Mobile devices are a big part of our daily lives

Lean startup principles help you manage your open source project with efficiency and success.
Wide open sky and trees

The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) is built around a unique set of processes and values to ensure openness.
Open source doctor.

Cauldron makes it easier for anyone to use GrimoireLab to learn more about open source communities.