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The success of an open source project is strongly tied to the community that supports and contributes to it. Our community management articles explore common problems, solutions, and tactics to create vital, productive open source communities.

Two people chatting via a video conference app

The OpenStack community delivered two new versions of the open source cloud computing software on time while working virtually.
Practicing empathy

With heightened awareness about empathy and the inspiration to spread it, open source productivity will grow, collaborators will lean in, and the power of open source software development can be fully harnessed.

Trust in open source is a positive feedback loop.
Teamwork starts with communication

Learn what it takes to be a bridge between a product's users and its developers.
Open source stars.

I am more of a Deanna Troi in my role as a community manager. How about you?
Person using a laptop

Focusing on metrics around community ownership and incentives can increase your odds of building a sustainable open source project.
Women talking

Whether you're looking to hire a developer advocate or become one, here are the qualities to aim for.
A football field.

A community manager is like a quarterback, ensuring things run smoothly and everyone on the team has the chance to grow.