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The success of an open source project is strongly tied to the community that supports and contributes to it. Our community management articles explore common problems, solutions, and tactics to create vital, productive open source communities.

Overcoming challenges when building great global communities

Global open source communities often face language barriers, cultural differences, and other...
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Card sorting with a kanban board sets up your content to give users the information they're looking...
Kittens spilling milk

With the right approach, anyone can contribute to open source. Even a cat.
Managing casual contributors to open source projects

Try these strategies to better utilize contributions from your project's episodic volunteers.
The rise of open source—and the decline of selfishness?

Studies show that the emerging workforce has a renewed focus on purpose. What does that trend mean...
Community building with a Q&A vs. online forum

Working on building an online community? Here's how to choose the platform that's right for you.
7 mistakes you're probably making

The most common mistakes open source projects make and how to avoid them.
Building Puppet's unofficial forge community

A Puppet module might only be some 500 lines of code and a bunch of tests, but that doesn't mean it...