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Why community managers must wade (not dive) into communities

Why community managers must wade (not dive) into communities
Communities, particularly at the start of your involvement in them, can be delicate and fragile things. In the second installment in my series on...Read more

A template for creating open source contributor guidelines

A template for creating awesome contributor guidelines
Open source contributor guidelines should be easy to read, thorough, and friendly.Read more

Top 5 open source community metrics to track

Measuring open source community project activities and contributors is vital for maintaining a healthy, active project. Here's 5 top metrics worth...Read more

Using Git and mailing lists time zones to find out where developers live

Jesus M. Gonzalez-Barahona shares a helpful tip for determining where an open source community lives.Read more

Common problems in open source communities (and how to solve them)

In her Texas Linux Fest keynote, Joan Touzet talked to us about how to improve our open source communities.Read more

Be an inspiration, not an impostor

Major Hayden offers tips for dealing with impostor syndrome, a feeling that's far too common in open source projects.Read more

Never neglect your project's architecture

Martin Fowler of ThoughtWorks tells his OSCON 2015 audience that making good architectural decisions can make or break an open source project.Read more

Tips for how to plan an open source event

Nicole Engard recaps an OSCON workshop on how to plan and run tech events.Read more