Ten sessions you don't want to miss at OpenStack Summit

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The OpenStack Summit is coming up in Atlanta, May 12-16, and after much anticipation the agenda for the conference finally became available last week. As we covered previously, the agenda was crowdsourced to the user and developer community who gave input that helped individual track leaders arrange their schedules.

There are so many sessions going on, it may seem difficult to keep tabs on them all. Fortunately, the agenda is well organized into a variety of tracks that will give you some immediate guidance as to which sessions will be of greatest benefit to you, depending on your role in working with OpenStack. Concurrent with the breakout sessions and workshops, a design summit will be taking place for the developers who are setting the course forward for the Juno release.

While you'll want to check out the agenda yourself to see what sessions best meet your needs, here are a few that we're excited about:

"OpenStack continues to grow exponentially as the de facto standard for open source Cloud platforms. But how can someone quickly get started with learning this exciting new technology? This workshop will walk participants through an overview of the OpenStack components and offer practical suggestions and resources for learning OpenStack."

"This talk will survey the current state of container technology in Linux, what the control plane differences are between all the competing technologies, and how we might begin to standardise container technology and its uses withing OpenStack and beyond going forwards."

"After attending this session, you will have a good understanding for where Sahara is now and where it’s going, particularly with regard to the Unified Agent approach, on which we’re currently working on leveraging in Sahara."

"In this hands-on workshop we will guide you through the steps required to become an OpenStack contributor. We will start out with the basics of signing up and setting up Launchpad, Git, and Gerrit."

"Drawing on their experience planning, integrating and operating OpenStack clouds for large enterprises, the speakers will present sample scopes, project plans, budgets and staffing levels to build and operate moderate sized clouds."

"By using personal connections, IRC, and Meetups, we've built a community and so can you. This session will talk about what 'community' means in a region where there is no natural centerpoint."

"This session will cover Swift’s architecture, its technology capabilities, and real-world infrastructure-as-a-service use cases. This OpenStack Swift introduction is great for attendees who want to understand the design goals of Swift and how they can best make use of this OpenStack component."

"This talk from their respective project leads will show how Swift and GlusterFS work together to take advantage of the best each system has to offer."

"This talk will show you how to use OpenDaylight with OpenStack, including setup and debug of the environment. We will walk through technical details of the implementation and show examples of the benefits of using OpenDaylight to scale virtual tenant networks with OpenStack Neutron."

"In this talk, join Brian Rosmaita, Cloud Images Product Manager at Rackspace, as he advocates for full features documented with use cases, prototype press releases, and preliminary FAQ lists to help articulate the vision for features."




Opensource.com is planning extensive coverage of the OpenStack Summit in Atlanta, so let us know which sessions you're interested in hearing back from. By the way, here's my tentative schedule. What's going to be on yours?

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