OpenStack Summit

OpenStack can be an enigma. We have open source purists who profess the virtues of OpenStack, even as a multitude of enterprise aficionados wonder whether OpenStack is right for them. In their roles at Red Hat Cloud Innovation Practice, cloud practice leader Vijay Chebolu and cloud architect Vinny... Read more
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In this interview, Avi Networks' Praveen Yalagandula shares how his company delivers OpenStack solutions to its customers and brings the practitioner's perspective.
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A closer look at Tempest, OpenStack's official test suite.
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One of the world's largest scientific organization is using OpenStack to understand what makes up everything in our universe. CERN runs one of the most collaborative scientific projects on Earth, responsible for producing enormous amounts of data on a routine basis to make Nobel prize winning... Read more
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Thierry Carrez and Doug Hellmann preview their talk at OpenStack Summit Tokyo.
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Egle Sigler, Kavit Munshi, and Carol Barrett talk about the importance of diversity in the OpenStack community.
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Priti Desai discusses Fernet and other OpenStack token formats.
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In this quick but insightful interview with Kavit Munshi, an OpenStack Ambassador and on the OpenStack Board of Directors, speaks to the health of the OpenStack community, like their growth in India, and the single most important public service announcement (PSA) he'd give any user on the spot.
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It takes developers, sales, marketing, and product people to take this open source thing and turn it in to something that's useful and used by people. All of these people are crucial to the success of Swift, no matter where they are.
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Łukasz Jernaś tells us about the talk he'll be giving at OpenStack Summit in Vancouver; he shares more about OpenStack translation.
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