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We cover news of interest from OpenStack Summit, a series of open infrastructure conferences sponsored by the OpenStack Foundation. For more on OpenStack, the open source software that many consider the future of cloud computing, see our OpenStack articles.

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Emily Wilson, a QA Engineer, talks about her first year working in the OpenStack community.
Sky with clouds and grass

If bringing in the best ideas requires diverse contributors, then bringing in diverse contributors...
A circle of handshakes.

The Women of OpenStack introduce groups of newcomers to mentors.
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Emily Hugenbruch explains the benefits of sending developers to conferences, and what to expect in the transition to an open source development environment.
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Learn more about the numbers behind the open source cloud computing project and it's most recent...
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Local events are an important tool in growing the OpenStack community across the globe. Learn why...
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Learn how the OpenStack community is working to find better ways to recognize those users who give back in ways other than code.
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A preview of Alexandra Settle's upcoming talk at OpenStack Summit Barcelona