Integrating OpenStack and OpenDaylight |

Integrating OpenStack and OpenDaylight

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Interest in software defined networking continues to grow, and for many, OpenStack and OpenDaylight are the natural tools for transitioning data centers to this new paradigm in network communications. Both are active and growing open source projects backed by a large community of companies and individual developers.

Last month, we interviewed Neela Jacques of the OpenDaylight Project during’s coverage of the OpenStack Summit in Atlanta. Neela gave us an overview of what the project is and where it’s headed. For those ready to take the next step, there were numerous opportunities at the summit to learn more and figure out whether using OpenDaylight as a controller was a good fit for them.

One such session was from Dave Meyer, chairman of OpenDaylight Technical Steering Committee and CTO of Brocade. While still keeping at an overview level, Meyer presented some additional detail on the project. He covered what the OpenDaylight Project’s Hydrogen release is an does, his own learning from working with the project for the past year, some metrics on the project and how it compares to OpenStack in terms of contributor and growth in the core projects, as well as future directions.

Slides from the presentation are available as well for those wishing to review.

Looking for more? The OpenDaylight Project completed a roundup of some of the best videos highlighting the intersection of OpenDaylight and OpenStack, including this one. It’s a great resource for learning more, and if you want a better understanding of how the two projects come together, I highly recommend it. To round out the bunch, the OpenDaylight Project also included the following:

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