Mid-cycle meetups for OpenStack developers and users

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Taking place twice a year, OpenStack's summits provide a great deal of the face-to-face interaction between developers, vendors, and users. But what about the rest of the year? Many projects opt to host mid-cycle meetups to bridge the gap to collaborate, make plans for the future, and knock out major tasks.

Not every project in the OpenStack ecosystem hosts a mid-cycle event, and because these events are geographically dispersed and don't take a common format, there isn't a simple repository of information about them. Several projects came together to a single location last month in Paris, France, for a mid-cycle sprint hosted by eNovance, though few projects had more than a small handful of attendees.

And we're now in the final stretches of the Juno release cycle. The feature proposal freeze took place last Thursday on August 21, and the freeze on new features themselves is coming up next week on September 4, with the release targeted for just over a month later on October 16. These mid-cycle events might help give us an idea of what to expect in the Juno release and where progress stands today; while I won't cover all of them, here are a few notes from mid-cycle events of interest in the past few weeks.


The Nova mid-cycle meetup was held at the Intel campus in Hillsboro, Oregon. The Nova team were joined by co-located Ironic (bare metal) team, whose sprint was adjacent but separate, allowing independent work but the ability for quick collaboration whenever it made sense to do so. This was far the best documented of the mid-cycle sprints, thanks largely to Rackspace's Michael Still, PTL of the Novate project, who wrote up an excellent collection of notes on his personal blog. Rather than simply repeat his work here, I'll point you to what you should check out.


The TripleO mid-cycle meetup was held at Red Hat headquarters in Raleigh, NC. TripleO, for those of you unfamiliar with it, is shorthand for OpenStack on OpenStack, or in other words, a way of using OpenStack's powerful deployment tools to launch OpenStack clouds themselves. The TripleO meetup was attended by dozen of developers from around the world and focused on topics including contiuous integration tools and high availability (HA) support. An Etherpad of notes from the event provides a further look.


Heat, OpenStack's internal orchestration tool, also held its mid-cycle meetup in Raleigh. Actions coming out of the meetup included investigating the import of heat-translator into heatclient; resolving problems with canceling observer efficiently; creating a blueprint for improving multi-engine workers; and evaluating removing scheduler-specific code from resources; among others. Additional notes are available for those interested.

Jason was an Opensource.com staff member and Red Hatter from 2013 to 2022. This profile contains his work-related articles from that time. Other contributions can be found on his personal account.

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