A chat with a Drupal architect on the future and community

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Drupal architect Ravindra Singh has spent the past two years providing solutions at India's largest Drupal company, Srijan Technologies. But work represents only part of his involvement with this open source, company-building platform. Ravindra stands out for leading the Drupal community in Delhi, in addition to other meetups, training sessions, and code sprints. And, he speaks within the organization and throughout the region on topics like Checklist for Drupal Site and How to Contribute Back to Drupal.

At DrupalCon Los Angeles this year, we had a chance to discuss his leadership of many groups, his perception of community, and what it's like to be so deeply immersed in the craft.

Would you care to define Drupal for us?

I define Drupal as our future, not only a job. We are focused on open source, and I thank Dries Buytaert for inventing Drupal. I also thank the community for showing love for Drupal.

Do you see much changing in the open source world between now and when Drupal 8 is widely deployed?

I think this is a cultural change, and yes there will be a lot of changes. I believe the community behind Symfony will get merged with Drupal, which is very good for growing open source communities together.

At DrupalCon Los Angeles, what stood out the most?

The community summit, Dries' keynote, mentoring the code sprint, and meeting Drupal futurists—those who really care a lot about Drupal and encourage its community to grow.

Tell us about your involvement with core mentoring at DrupalCon. What did you accomplish?

I loved it. It was an amazing experience to educate, encourage, and motivate new Drupalers. I talked with them, helped them find their areas of interest, and encouraged them to work within the Drupal issue queue. I also started a code-sprints-as-a-series program called Drupal Rush in Sprints. We are supposed to organize one sprint monthly for Delhi Drupalers.

Talk about the greatest need Drupal fulfills for your firm.

Great people! We are 90+ Drupalers at Srijan Technologies who all are passionate about Drupal and Drupal contribution.

Give us your take on the Drupal talent pool—domestic vs. international

Obviously the international Drupal talent pool is big in terms of almost everything. You have an opportunity to meet top Drupal stars and be mentored by them or work along with them on Drupal 8 issues. In the domestic pool you tend to see the same kind of talent and knowledge whereas the international pool engages you and offers a higher level of understanding. In terms of business, the international talent pool is awesome. Domestically, it is mainly attended by students.

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