30 sys admins to follow on SysAdmin Day

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Systems administrators: They keep our high-tech world up and running. From capacity planning, to 3 a.m. phone calls, to retiring that 10-year-old server that uses more power than your whole house, sys admins do it all. Open source communities would not be able to thrive without the networks, services, and tools that allow for communication and collaboration, and sys admins are the ones who work thanklessly year-round to keep them going.

July 31 is System Administrator Appreciation Day, a day for all of us to express our undying gratitude for sys admins. Sure, you could buy your favorite sys admin cake and ice cream, or perhaps a nice gift card. You could even go as far as not breaking the server for just one day. You also can follow these 30 sys admins.

Who did we miss? Let us know in the comments. Also, tell us who to follow on G+.

@tmclaughbos | Tom McLaughlin

#Boston / #Mustang / #GrandNational / Recognized self-proclaimed #ThoughtLeader of #DevOps for @Jana / ex-{@HubSpot,@Vistaprint} / My tweets are your own

@botchagalupe | John Willis

When all you have is a hammer everything looks like a Container.

@allspaw | John Allspaw

SVP Operations+Infrastructure, Etsy. Dad. Author. Guitarist. Student of sociotechnical systems, human factors, and cognitive systems engineering.

@kylembrandt | Kyle Brandt

Director of Site Reliability at StackExchange. Co-author of the bosun monitoring system http://bosun.org

@grkvlt | Andrew Kennedy

Distributed Systems Hacker @cloudsoft; Founder of @clockercentral; Contributor to @apache #brooklyn #jclouds and #qpid; #javaee #infosec #cloud #lolcats #robots

@bitfield | John Arundel

Helps with sysadmin, devops, Puppet & Chef. Automates stuff for you, because you haven't got time.

@obfuscurity | Jason Dixon

Director of Integrations @Librato. Author of the Graphite Book … Previously: Dyn, GitHub, Heroku and Circonus.

@standaloneSA | Matt Simmons

Blogger/Author/SysAdmin/Normal Person

@yesthattom | Tom Limoncelli

Co-author of http://the-cloud-book.com  the Grey's Anatomy of DevOps and SRE best practices. Author, LGBT activist, Sysadmin, SRE at http://StackExchange.com 

@pleia2 | Elizabeth Joseph

Author and speaker working for HP as a Linux Systems Administrator on the OpenStack Infrastructure team. Ubuntu Member. @Partimus Director.

@mxcia | Mike Ciavarella

IT Paleontologist.

@jordansissel | Jordan Sissel

Empathy-driven development. Consensual hugs are available. I yell at computers a lot.

@otterbook | David Blank-Edelman

Technical Evangelist (with a hard 'g') for Apcera. USENIX board member. Talkin' about System Administration/DevOps/SRE, Perl, and stuff

@kelseyhightower | Kelsey Hightower

CoreOS. Kubernetes. Golang

@cwebber | Christopher Webber

Shaver of Yaks and lover of all things Ops. Engineering Lead at Chef. Rotarian. I speak for myself, not where I work.

@beerops | Katherine Daniels

Sparkly ops witch @Etsy, queer, homebrewer, climber, violinist, aspiring cellist, purple-haired face-metal cabalist, cat enthusiast, yarn sorceress.

@avleen | Avleen Vig

Engineering up some awesomeness at Etsy, and amateur photographer (gallery: https://500px.com/avleenvig). My views are my own, and not my employer's.

@bridgetkromhout | Bridget Kromhout

Ops at @DramaFever. @devopsdays, @devopsdaysmsp, @aws_mn, @arresteddevops. Likes snow, flyover country, bicycles instead of cars, and @joelaha.

@brockpalen | Brock Palen

High Performance Computing Sys Admin. I also am host of the HPC Podcast Research Computing and Engineering.

@thatcks | Chris Siebenmann

That cks. Overcommitted sysadmin, photographer, bicyclist, and other multitudes. I write a lot of words for a programmer.

@lnxchk | Mandi Walls

She who shall not be named | Careless with Delicate Men | Click Button Get DevOps

@lusis | John Vincent

 ÜT: 34.010375,-84.367464

@KrisBuytaert | Kris Buytaert

Everything is a Freaky DNS Problem, Devops Needs Sushi, Open Source, Infrastructure as Code, Clustering, Cloud, High Availability, Consultant, Speaker, Author

@nonapeptide | Wesley David

Support Engineer for @composeio. Linux, Windows, hardware, software - no difference, I practice #rageops on #devops like a #sysadmin.

@philiph | Philip Hollenback

Any pizza is a personal pizza if you work hard & believe in yourself. Also, devops @ lookout.

@petecheslock | Pete Cheslock

Ceci n'est pas un @petechesbot. I computer at @threatstack. I also do @BosOps & @ShipShowPodcast. PGP: http://omg.pete.wtf/1bqAY

@solarce | Brandon Burton

Ops Engineering at @travisci || helping with @hangops @foodfightshow || RIP @lolcatstevens. Love you buddy.

@patcable | Patrick Cable

computer systems-y research person. ask me about the cloud!

@patrickdebois | Patrick Debois

Bridging the gap between creativity and technology with a #devops mindset

@amyengineer | Amy Renee

Senior network engineer generally amused by life.

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