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Hunting for purple squirrels: 3 tips for hiring the right OpenStack contributor

Purple squirrel
In this interview, Colette Alexander answers questions about her OpenStack Summit Austin talk, and explains how major tech companies are like the...Read more

Impressions of the Mitaka release, preparing for Summit, and more OpenStack news

OpenStack News
Are you interested in keeping track of what is happening in the open source cloud? is your source for news in OpenStack, the open...Read more

Expanding DBaaS workloads with OpenStack Trove and Manila

Databases as a service
In this interview, learn more about how OpenStack's Trove and Manila projects are adapting to meet the varied database needs of cloud users.Read more

A newcomer's guide to navigating OpenStack Infrastructure

A newcomer's guide to navigating OpenStack Infrastructure
New contributors to OpenStack are welcome, but having a road map for navigating within this maturing, fast-paced open source community doesn't hurt.Read more

ActorDB: an alternative view of a distributed database

ActorDB is a database that was developed using a distributed model: it uses an SQL database that speaks the MySQL client/server protocol.Read more

Organizing the OpenStack community locally and globally

OpenStack Summit
Interview with Sharone Zitzman who will be participating in a panel at OSCON 2016 called Tips from Community Managers: Effective Strategies for...Read more

What to expect in Drupal 8

Linuxfest Northwest interview with Max Bronsema
Drupal architect Max Bronsema talks about what developers can expect in the latest version of Drupal.Read more

Tarantool: A Lua-based database engine

Tarantool: A Lua-based database engine
Discussing Tarantool this year at the Percona Live Data Performance Conference.Read more