Open source scores in the World Cup |

Open source scores in the World Cup

Posted 15 Jun 2010 by 

Jason Hibbets (Red Hat)
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I haven't watched any of the World Cup except for a few highlights on ESPN. I have, however, heard (no pun intended) about the vuvuzela horn. The World Cup is a big deal to football (soccer) fans around the world, but the vuvuzela horn is making quite the buzz.

Some folks seem to be annoyed by the sound and want to watch the game free of the vuvuzela horn noise. Create Digital Music has a solution for you:

Wish you could remove that sound from your World Cup viewing experience? Do you want to learn a little bit about powerful modular effects routing can be on Linux? Either? Both? Call it “football”? “Soccer”? Any way round, we’ve got you covered.

Full article: Filter The Vuvuzela Horn Out of the World Cup; Learn JACK Routing on Linux

Thanks to Marco Rhodes for sending this article our way.




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