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If you had a boat and a cooler full of bait for a week of fishing off your favorite body of water, who would you take?

333 votes tallied
Linus Torvalds (Linux)
96 votes
Mitchell Baker (Mozilla)
21 votes
Mark Shuttleworth (Ubuntu)
42 votes
Bob Young (Serial entrepreneur)
22 votes
Richard Stallman (GNU/FSF)
43 votes
Bill Gates (Microsoft)
43 votes
McKayla (She's still not impressed)
66 votes

This poll is based on a life situation you will likely never find yourself in, but isn't it fun to ponder who you would take and why (comments)?

Periodically, we're looking to present questions like this to you. If you have a scenario and person in mind, let us know and maybe we'll feature it next time.

Poll idea inspired by Colin Dodd, a writer at Red Hat.



Nice poll but fishing? As a diver I prefer that there actually is fish to look at underwater and for the fish (that's left) to be alive and healthy. Every year the fishing industry slaughters millions of sharks (cut off fins and throw them back to slowly die) so that Chinese people can eat the fins in the hope they become Superman or something like that. I like to think that the F/OSS Community knows better. And with Mr. Torvalds being an avid diver I wonder if he supports the fishing subject of the poll. So how about "Who would you take...camping?"?

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We didn't say you had to keep your catch. Perhaps we could request that open source friends practice catch and long as they keep their source code open.


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