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failure sign at a party, celebrating failure

The only way your team will meet its goals: experiment, fail, adjust, and learn.
Building your team's culture of shared responsibility

Effective leaders delegate—but open leaders use delegation as a tool for enhancing trust,...
To survive Industry 4.0, think beyond the digital

At the heart of what we call "digital transformation" isn't just technology—it's people, too. When...
What Game of Thrones teaches us about working openly

A thought exercise: What can a chaotic free-for-all of constantly shifting loyalties teach us about...
     “Gears” by Andrew Magill is licensed under CC BY 2.0

How can you define project requirements, engage multiple stakeholders, delegate work, and track...
people in different locations who are part of the same team

Having trouble making contacts in your organization? You might be applying the wrong strategies.
Balancing transparency and privacy as big data meets HR

Big data is coming to human resources. What can your open organization expect?
books in a library, stacks

These nine books represent the beginning of an important journey toward greater and better openness...