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red pen editing mistakes

Open projects generate feedback—lots of it. How can leaders manage it all? This process might help.
User experience vs. design

Transformation can only be successful when people opt into it. Forcing people to open up won't work.
a handshake

Conventional managers and emerging leaders must work together to build open organizations. That requires respect, trust, and curiosity from everyone.
Arrows moving across a landscape

To create innovative and engaged organizations, you'll need to set the conditions for open leaders to thrive. This checklist can help.
Driver's hands on the steering wheel of a car

What does it mean to be a leader in a world working to include people who historically haven't been included?
Hearts, stars, and dollar signs

Relying on snap judgements and purely rational decisions isn't the best way to cultivate trust, empower people, and create open environments.
Brain on a computer screen

Best practices for establishing trust and open leadership on your team.
Leaders are catalysts

Your organization's leaders likely know the most effective and innovative path forward. Are you giving them the space they need to get you there?