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4 ways to engage your organization's various stakeholders

Open organizations are more transparent and accountable to people who they impact—and who impact...
Why is collaboration so difficult?

"Collaboration" means more than simply "working together." What's its role in open organizations?
How becoming open and agile lead to customer success

Our customer was frustrated. Our team was stressed. Adopting a more open and agile method for...
Taking steps toward greater inclusivity

This exercise helps your team members become aware of the various privileges they might possess—a...
Making transparency work for Harvard's Dataverse Project

Making research data open and available is easier when we all work transparently.
Beat the biggest threat to the open organization: Bias

In meritocracies, everyone is a decision-maker. This tool helps keep their biases at bay.
A community-powered approach to diversity and inclusion

We took an open approach to publishing our company's diversity statistics. Here's what we learned.
How working transparently united our engineers

Buffer's passion for transparency is obvious. So why weren't we open sourcing our code? Here's what...