Heidi Hess von Ludewig researches networked workplace creativity from the systems perspective, which means that she examines the relationships of multiple elements within the workplace that influence how individuals and groups perform innovative and creative work. She spent over fifteen years in the software industry performing a variety of roles, from developer to analyst, for Fortune 500 companies before receiving her PhD from North Carolina State University in 2014. Her research informs the work she does day-to-day at Red Hat; program managing, managing change, and ensuring interlock and communication across teams in the IT organization. You can reach her via the contact form, and read her blog at Brainbidextrous .

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How can managers know if other leaders are cultivating an open culture? Ask the people they impact every day.
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How can managers empower other managers to lead with open principles in mind?
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In an open organization, the best kind of manager is the one that sets context and empowers others to do their best work.
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How does transitioning into management change someone's view of working according to open principles?
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Being more transparent and collaborative in our management practices can lead to feelings of inclusion, support, and belonging on our teams.

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Open projects generate feedback—lots of it. How can leaders manage it all? This process might help.

Celebrate the Open Organization community's sixth anniversary by getting involved in two exciting new projects.