Community moderator program version 2

This is a revision to version one of the community moderator program with proposed (now accepted) changes to expectations and additional benefits and opportunities.

Updated January 2014


The community moderator program will identify key contributors and advocates and provide them with a framework for how they can contribute to and guidelines for how to advise the team on future decisions regarding the site and community.


The team will invite new moderators twice a year by monitoring contributors who have reached Rock Star status or who are approaching 100 points on the site. After a contributor has agreed to becoming an moderator, the team will send them a welcome kit that documents how they interact with the team and provide resources for them to be successful. The moderators will also receive a SWAG kit for their commitment.

Community moderator expectations

These are the expectations of moderators, which are not channel/group specific.

  • A one year minimum commitment
  • End of year one-on-one evaluation to renew or complete commitment
  • Contribute content (articles, polls, etc.)
  • Moderate comments for authored content (and beyond if desired)
  • Promote content (articles, polls, resources, videos, etc.) on social media
  • Attend one Community Moderator meeting per quarter (a virtual/conference call)
  • Review site terms and conditions
  • Review publishing guidelines
  • Review interview guide


Community moderators would commit to specialize in one of the following areas:

  • Content creation: Write at least four posts per quarter with a goal of 20 posts during the year; or write at least one post per month (three posts per quarter) and assist with comment gardening and social media at least twice a week (Monday- Friday).
  • Content curation: Facilitate the authoring of three originally written posts per quarter (one per month) from a colleague, student, or other open source expert.
  • Community nurturing: Assist with comment gardening and promoting content (articles, polls, resources, videos, etc.) on social media and other online platforms at least four times a week (Monday - Friday).

Moderator benefits

  • Access to a global publishing platform and distribution system
  • Access to worldwide collaborative community of open source advocates / activists
  • Receive moderator SWAG kit
  • Receive Moderator badge on
  • Receive Comment Gardner badge and comment moderation privileges
  • Priority editing from editing team (new)
  • Receive one vote in annual Moderator's Choice Award
  • Receive group moderator access on LinkedIn "Open source professionals group"
  • Addition to moderators email list
  • Addition to meet the moderators page (new)
  • Receive an email alias (new)
  • Receive track jacket upon fulfillment of 3-month commitment (new)
  • Receive Linked-In recommendation upon fulfillment of commitment (new)
  • Receive recognition and plaque for completing each year of commitment (new)
  • Opportunity to expand professional network
  • Opportunity to develop open source leadership skills
  • Opportunity to be part of a global open source project
  • Opportunity to meet, interview, and discuss with open source thought-leaders, advocates, and activists

Optional perks

  • Invitation to the weekly moderator meeting (attendance is optional)
  • Invites to conference meet-ups with options to receive event SWAG  for attending conferences and providing written reports
  • Invitation to an annual in-person moderator meeting
  • Invitation to attend annual All Things Open conference held in Raleigh in October (new)


If you are interested in becoming a monthly contributor or would like to be considered for a community moderator role, contact the team.