People's Choice Award winner: Máirín Duffy

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Congratulations to our first People's Choice Award winner, Máirín Duffy.

Máirín is a senior interaction designer at Red Hat. She's highly creative and a great artist, who is also is also passionate about open source. For her the two intersect in Inkscape, an open source SVG graphics program. Read how she used it to introduce middle school students to open source.

Máirín puts her skills to work as an active contributor in the Fedora community where she leads the Fedora Design Team. She has also contributed to the GNOME project through its marketing team and co-founded the GNOME Women group.

Congratulations again to Máirín, and thank you to all of our contributors.


Congrats Mizmo! Well earned. Please, just keep doing what you do.

I agree. Mizmo == awesome. Keep at it.

@Mizmo: keep up the good stuff coming!!!

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