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Computers are today's pencils

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Not everyone has a computer. And, not all schools have access to the types of technology that are second nature to many of us at our workplace. It is also true that many people in the general public don't know about open source and the free alternatives that are available to them, like LibreOffice instead of Micrsoft Word.

The Kramden Institute is doing something about it by refurbishing computers and installing Ubermix on them, which is an open source operating system preloaded with over 60 educational, science, and learning applications for students.

Owning a personal computer has been made a reality for over 12,500 kids so far who were otherwise lacking and thus having a hard time crossing the digital divide. And, more schools' computer labs have a leg up with Ubermix.

This video shows just how massive the effort is—piles of computer parts, volunteers assembling computers, and kids understanding hard drives!

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