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Growing the next generation of open source hackers

favoring open source
As a parent of three (children aged: 10, 7, and 5), I'm eager to share with my kids the values that attracted me to open source and the hacker ethos...Read more

LiveCode is next generation version of HyperCard

open source environment
In 1987, Apple created a program called HyperCard. If you haven’t heard of it, all you need to know is that tens of millions of end user programmers...Read more

Boundless, the free alternative to textbooks

free the textbook
Boundless , the company that builds on existing open educational resources to provide free alternatives to traditionally costly college textbooks,...Read more

openStudent replaces traditional student achievement system

The province of British Columbia started out with a vision over 10 years ago to have "one student record, stored in one location, accessed by all...Read more

Why libraries are intrinsically open and should adopt open source solutions

open source libraries
Sharing is a fundamental part of the open source philosophy, and the same goes for libraries. Spreading, disseminating, and breaking down barries to...Read more

Open source education program, CanDo, handles big data

developing possibilities
In 2005, Arlington Career Center teacher David Welsh had an unmanageable list of 77 Video and Media Technology competencies to evaluate for each...Read more

Hackathon-style sprint event to build Intro to Open Science course

open source participation
The future of open is a dynamic landscape, ripe with opportunities to increase civic engagement, literacy, and innovation. Towards this goal, the...Read more

Non-profit switches to Linux distribution designed for students

Kramden Institute recipient
Chances are you know about the digital divide, but not about the Kramden Institute's work to help hardworking students in grades 3 - 12 who don't...Read more