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A lesson from 2012: Open education brings power of knowledge to the masses

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The end of 2012 is here and over time I think it will be considered a revolutionary moment for open education and open source. A tipping point. A...Read more

Three open source school management software programs for teachers and student

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Many educators might have been hesitant in the past regarding embracing open source software. But not anymore as the number that has taken to open...Read more

The year of open source in libraries

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I hereby declare 2012 the year of open source in libraries! If not the year, it was still an impressive year for open source in libraries. It was...Read more

Open education: A diamond in the rough

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Here we are again—the dawn of a new year is upon us. I really can't believe it. It is me or do the years seem to go by faster and faster? Before we...Read more

Representing women in STEAM and open source

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The latest talk in education circles is moving from a STEM -based method of teaching (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) to a STEAM -...Read more

Teaching students to work on state of the art NoSQL databases

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In a recent post , I introduced an initiative, along with Dima Kassab, for teaching open source NoSQL databases. We collaborated to prepare course...Read more

MOOCs trend towards open enrollment, not licensing

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MOOCs—or Massive Open Online Courses —have been getting a lot of attention lately. Just in the last year or so there’s been immense interest in the...Read more

Education for the real world: Open course on open source NoSQL databases

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Back in March of this year, the University of Albany Student Chapter of the American Society for Information Science & Technology ( ASIS&T )...Read more