Roundup: Open source in the DOD |

Roundup: Open source in the DOD

Open source in the military
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The February issue of DACS' (Data and Analysis Center for Software) Software Tech News focuses entirely on the U.S. Department of Defense and open source software.  However, even if you aren't interested in the use of open source in the military, there are still some gems that apply to all U.S. government agencies that you might want to check out.  

The articles include:

  • "Software is a Renewable Military Resource" By John Scott, Dr. David A. Wheeler, Mark Lucas, and J.C. Herz
  • "Military Open Source Community Growing" By Kane McLean, BRTRC Technology Research Corporation
  • "Evaluating Open Source Software" By Matthew Kennedy
  • "Open Source Software Is Commercial" By Dr. David A. Wheeler
  • "Implementing Open Standards in Open Source" By Lawrence Rosen
  • "Running Open Technology Development Projects" By John Scott, Dr. David A. Wheeler, Mark Lucas, and J.C. Herz
  • "Publicly Releasing Open Source Software Developed for the U.S. Government" By Dr. David A. Wheeler

In particular, Wheeler's article about releasing OSS is well worth reading.  He provides an overview of copyright and licensing concerns, as well as an excellent and practical table for non-lawyers to check to see if they can release code developed by or for their agency.



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