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Open source technologies, communities, and methodologies are playing an increasingly important role in international governments and policy-making. Learn more about open government.

UN sustainable development goals

The United Nations embraces open source tech to reach Sustainable Development Goals.
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This study provides more economic evidence to support the assertion that using and contributing to open source is vital to European economic recovery.
Building an arch

What the deployment of Decide Madrid can teach us on creating a participatory culture to effectively engage with citizens.
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EU celebrates the importance of open source software at the annual EU Open Source Policy Summit.
A government building.

Eyüpsultan Municipality in Turkey gained flexibility, cost savings, performance, and independence by transitioning its entire workforce to GNU Linux and other open source software.
A skyline of the city of Boston

Jacob Green shares how open source ideas and tools are helping municipalities solve some of their most pressing problems, in his All Things Open 2019 Lightning Talk.
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What does it mean when the UN goes open source?
Team checklist

The Trust The Vote project is developing open source technology to help keep elections honest.