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Open source technologies, communities, and methodologies are playing an increasingly important role in international governments and policy-making. Learn more about open government.

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Rochester Institute of Technology students develop open source community projects as election results come in.
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In the aftermath of a natural disaster, embracing open government principles—such as open data, collaboration between citizens and government, and transparency—can save lives.
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Releasing the source code for the System Advisor Model means users can calculate renewable energy costs and performance for years to come.
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Tirana, Albania, cites security, performance, and cost as driving forces in selecting Nextcloud for its government operations.
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A Wikipedia editor shares how he used open source tools to build a proxy site for Turkish Wikipedia users.
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White House senior advisor Alvand Salehi explains at OSCON why the federal government's support of open source is "here to stay."
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This successful civic hackathon focused on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
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Imagine an app that allows citizens to test drive proposed policies.