Can we use collaboration to solve government's big problems?

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Aneesh Chopra, the White House's chief technology officer, was at HIMMS last week talking about government as a platform for innovation. He referenced the open and transparent process that led to the Direct Project, which saw dozens of vendors, some of them competitors, working together with the ONC to establish a secure way to send health information as a possible template for bringing together stakeholders to create innovation.

"This is a new way of doing the public's business..." Chopra said. "Instead of the traditional top-down approach, it calls on stakeholders to work together in a more open and fast-moving way to achieve results. It makes government a platform for innovation by those who really know the field." —

So what do you think? Can we use collaboration to solve government's big problems like healthcare, education, and energy? Is it time for entrepreneurs to get in the government game?

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Open Enthusiast

Open source community play a major role in innovation these days.. and they have always worked for something bigger.. and better.. my point is... that government works for country... government sector works in the same way as open source community... so collaboration is a sure shot thing! towards bigger and better!

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The biggest problem governments face are politicians that think they are absolutely and completely right, regardless of the lack of evidence to support them. When we force politicians to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that their policies are correct before they implement them, then we'll have better government. Anything else is wishful thinking.