Calling all open government communities: Where do you start? |

Calling all open government communities: Where do you start?

Posted 20 Jan 2012 by 

Jason Hibbets (Red Hat)
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Calling all open government communities: Where do you start?
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How does someone new to the open government movement know where to start? Where can they can get involved and align their interests and passions with a community already hard at work?

There are myriad open government communities, ranging from Code for America to The Sunlight Foundation, GovLoop to CityCamp, and everything in between. Where is the list of organizations that are working specifically on government transparency, collaboration, participation, and open data? Until recently, I'm not sure one existed.

Lucas Cioffi, CEO at OnlineTownhalls, Inc. has started the effort to collect this information. He's started an online collection of open government communities asking two questions:

  • What are the major U.S. opengov subcommunities?
  • How do you visualize the ideal relationship among opengov concepts?

Join the conversation on GovLoop. If you don't see an organization listed on the chart below, contact Cioffi or add your comments over at GovLoop.

And if there are any developers who have thoughts on how to present the logos on the chart with short blurbs and links about each organization in a simple, interactive fashion, share your ideas and add your comments. 

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Source: OpenGovSubcommunities


Stephen Walli

Hi Jason: I love the graphic. Thanks. It gives a great clear picture of how to think about all the actors.

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I can't take any credit for the graphic (just bringing some awareness), but I agree. It's an interesting way to visualize the open government community.


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Jason Hibbets

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